Biosafety Clearing-House

The objective of the Biosafety Clearing-House is to exchange information related to biosafety


The Estonian Biosafety Clearing-House is part of a larger infrastructure for exchanging biosafety-related information between all countries that have acceded to the Cartagena Protocol [1]. The infrastructure has been set up under the Cartagena Protocol and is helpful to the parties in meeting the requirements of the protocol.


The world’s central portal – provides access to various relevant scientific, technical, environmental, and legal materials.


Examples of common acronyms:

  • BCH – Biosafety Clearing-House
  • GEF – Global Environment Facility
  • NBF - National Biosafety Framework
  • NBCH - National BCH
  • MoU - Memorandum of Understanding 
  • SCBD - Secretariat of the Convention on Biodiversity 
  • UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme 


National Focal Points:


  • Ministry of the Environment 
    Narva maantee 7a, Tallinn 15172
    Telephone: + 372 6262802
    Field: introducing GMOs to the environment.

    Contact person: Triin Sellis, Senior Officer
    Telephone: + 372 6262886


  • Acriculture and Food Board
    Väike-Paala 3, Tallinn 11415
    Telephone: +372 6051710
    Field: handling genetically modified food and feed.

    Contact person: Airika Salumets, Chief Specialist
    Telephone: +372 6054765


  • Labour Inspectorate
    Mäealuse 2/3, 12618 Tallinn
    Telephone: +372 6406000
    Field: using genetically modified mirobes in closed environments.

    Contact person: Kerttu Sepp, Labour Inspector of Occupational Health 
    Telephone: +372 56230722


[1] Cartagena protokolli veebileht, Cartagena protokolli eesti keelne tõlge

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