Environmental education

What is environmental awareness? How about environmental education and nature education?


Environmental awareness is the understanding of the relationship and interaction between man and the environment and the willingness to take them into account in daily activities and choices; an environmentally conscious person bases their decisions on scientifically proven points of view and relevant environmental information and is able to notice the hidden environmental impact of seemingly innocent acts and see right through greenwashing. One of the most important starting points for environmental awareness is definitely education. An action plan for environmental education and awareness  has been prepared and it describes activities through both environmental and nature education activities.

Nature education is directly involved in getting to know nature. Photo: Karl Jakob Toplaan
In the most basic sense, nature education is all about getting to know nature. Photo: Karl Jakob Toplaan

Environmental education is a system of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that recognises the connections between the natural, economic, social, and cultural environment according to the concept of sustainable development. Environmental education deals with raising awareness regarding the connections and effects in the natural environment, including the impact of human activity, in a local and global context.


Nature education recognises the connections between natural phenomena and natural processes and is based on experiencing nature directly. In the most basic sense, nature education is all about getting to know nature.


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