Marine ecosystems

The preliminary methodology for MAES of marine and inland water ecosystems was worked out during the project “Development of methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters” that was conducted in 2014–2015 in Estonia and was co-funded by the EEA and Norway Grants.


In the framework of the Estonian maritime spatial planning process, different ecosystem-services related works have been carried out. Selected marine ecosystem services have been modelled, assessed and mapped in the course of ELME project (2019) as well as within other activities (e.g., in 2016–2017). Both monetary and biophysical assessments have been given. In the case of some services, terrestrial coastal zone is included in addition to the offshore areas.


Marine ecosystem MAES results are integrated with an economic impact model of marine areas developed under the management of the Ministry of Finance that is responsible for the maritime spatial planning process.


Maps of marine MAES are published in an online portal called PlanWise4Blue. In addition to the data layers of relevant data, PW4B contains an online tool to assess cumulative impacts of human pressures on ecosystem services. The methodology and tool developed during different projects combines existing scientific evidence with expert judgement which is then communicated through a dynamic online tool to environmental managers. The PW4B tool is a free-to-use resource, available online for use by marine managers and/or policy makers without scientific backgrounds and based on the best available scientific data. The PW4B tool is capable of quantifying both single and synergistic effects of most important human activities on a broad range of ecosystem services.

The work is ongoing in the course of the current projects . 


Report of mapping and assessment of selected marine ecosystem services in ELME project (in Estonian)






Last modified: 06.02.2023.