Road map for mapping ecosystem services

The first milestone (2018) of the national MAES project ELME was the completion of the road map (action plan) for national scale MAES actions in Estonia. Among other aspects, initial prioritization of ecosystem services relevant for national assessment and mapping was made and the results has been used in the next MAES-works as a basis.


The road map for mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services was compiled by the researches of Tartu University [1] in the course of the lead by Estonian Environment Agency in 2018.


Selected deliverables of the road map (in Estonian):





Last modified: 06.02.2023


[1] Oja, T., Varblane, U., Palo, A., Veemaa, J. 2018. Ökosüsteemide teenuste kaardistamise ja hindamise tegevuskava. ELME projekti töövõtuleping nr 4-5/17/1. Tartu Ülikool, Tartu