The new Atlas of the Estonian mammals

A new Atlas of the Estonian mammals is being prepared, which will provide an up-to-date overview of the distribution of all wild mammal species in Estonia


WATCH the actively updated MAP STORY of the mammal atlas HERE.


More than 20 years have passed since the previous compilation and collection of a comprehensive mammal distribution data set. Major changes in land use (suburbanisation, changes in forest structure due to intensive forestry, etc.) have occurred during this period, which has also led to changes in the habitats of many mammal species. Additionally, in recent decades, a number of new mammal species (e.g. jackal, Mediterranean water shrew) have been identified in Estonia or have settled here, and new ways of studying the distribution of mammals (radiotelemetry, trail cameras, etc.) have been taken into use.


In order to specify the distribution of mammals, about twenty years’ worth of data concerning the distribution of Estonian mammals are collected and processed. For species or groups of species for which data are incomplete, inventories are ordered to refine the distribution data. All information will be made available to all interested parties and usable in wildlife conservation planning. Comparing more recent distribution data with those already available shows changes in mammal distribution, which, in turn, is an indicator of many major environmental changes, such as climate change.


The overview of distribution of all mammal species, based on a common methodology, is the basis for assessing the status of a species (Red Lists), compiling international reports (reports under the directive on protected species and alien species), and monitoring long-term changes in the wild. One important output is the new Atlas of European Mammals (2024),  which will include data sent by Estonia.


Šaakali infoleht ja levikukaart esimeses Euroopa imetajate atlases (1999) kui liik ei olnud veel Eestisse levinud.
The leaflet and distribution map for the jackal in the first Atlas of European Mammals (1999) when the species had not yet spread to Estonia.


You can participate too!


Observations entered into the nature observations database are also used in compiling mammal distribution maps. You can contribute to the compilation of the atlas by registering your meetings with mammals and observations about the traces of their activity HERE or by using the nature observations database’s smart app .


The compilation of the new mammal atlas is coordinated by the Estonian Environment Agency.


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Last modified: 17.01.2022