Nature observations campaigns

What are nature observations campaigns?


Although you can enter data into the nature observations database all year round, at the exact time you are actually in the wild, and observe the species that interest you most, there are sometimes targeted campaigns as well. Campaigns are designed to draw attention to a specific species or group of species, or to a region. For example, sometimes researchers from home and abroad need help with collecting large amounts of data in the framework of their research, or it is necessary to join forces to make observations in many places all across Estonia in a short period of time. Campaigns are also a good way to introduce different domestic species and communities in more detail and to draw attention to gaps in our knowledge.


In such cases, calls for everyone to participate will appear on this page, as well as in the citizen science projects section. Keep an eye out and participate!


Kiilide vabatahtliku seire metoodikat katsetamas
Testing the methodology for the voluntary monitoring of dragonflies. By: Triin Edovald




Past campaigns, including the results 









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