Limited-conservation areas

In the case of limited-conservation areas, the protection rules are not established and they are not divided into zones of different severity


A limited-conservation area is an area designated for the protection of habitats, the preservation of which is ensured with an assessment of the impact of the proposed activities and where activities detrimental to the favourable condition of the area are prohibited. The limited-conservation area is established to ensure the favourable condition of wild animals, plants, and fungi. The destruction of and damage to the habitats for the protection of which the limited-conservation area was established and significant disturbance of the protected species, as well as activities that endanger the favourable status of the habitats  and protected species, are prohibited in the limited-conservation area.


As at 31.12.2022, there are a total of 311 limited-conservation areas in Estonia.



Last modified: 13.02.2023