EUROPARC Federation

In Estonia, the Lahemaa, Matsalu, and Soomaa National Parks have received recognition for sustainable tourism in protected areas


The EUROPARC Federation, also known as the Federation of Nature and National Parks of Europe, was set up in 1973 to promote the planning and management of protected areas, to contribute to the creation of new protected areas, and to raise awareness of protected areas. The organisation has nearly 400 members in the form of various European protected areas and nature conservation agencies or individuals from 39 countries. Regional sections have also been established and Estonia actively participates in the work of the Nordic-Baltic section.


Junior Ranger in Karula 2020
JUNIOR RANGER. Summer course for a young nature conservationist at the Karula National Park in 2020. Photo: Margit Turb


The federation organises trainings to develop the professional skills of nature conservationists, exchanges experiences, participates in the development of European nature conservation policies and in international projects. The organisation runs a Junior Ranger programme for young conservationists across Europe. In addition, the federation recognises sustainable tourism in protected areas, which, in Estonia, has been awarded to the Lahemaa, Matsalu, and Soomaa National Parks [1].


From Estonia, the Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Board belong to the organisation. The Lahemaa National Park has previously been a member.



Last modified: 11.03.2024




[1] Matsalu ja Soomaa on nüüd rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud loodusturismi sihtkohad